Broken Branch: Introduction

I have collected these accounts of Thereus Vineapora from those who knew him best.  Branwei and Luxan’s accounts are attached to some editions of Garweal’s The Downfall of the Crafters.  Karidha’s has circulated for some centuries: there are those who doubt its authenticity, but I am persuaded that it is what it claims to be.  The remainder my father or I obtained ourselves.

I have translated Karidha’s story into Esu with the help of my mother.  After much consideration, I decided to adapt the accounts of Branwei and Luxan into a modern form of the language, so that they may be more widely read and understood.  I encourage everyone who is interested to seek out the originals, as both Branwei and Luxan wrote beautiful prose, Branwei in a more elevated and Luxan in a more straightforward style.

I doubt there is much need for an introduction to Thereus’s life.  Many of us knew the man face to face, and all of us know his legend.  But the man was close-mouthed in his later years and the legend has grown in the centuries.  So I present these accounts in the hope that they will go some way towards clarifying who this man was who did so much for the islands in the east, our home of old.


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