Broken Branch: Excerpts 1

Radina, ean taseagn tha. Tha rada kanta pelasala tea aragos rhu rai.
Follow me, Radina, I will teach you of the stars and the deep fires.
-The Story of Thabad, Radina Cycle

Radina heatel, oakin ja sitala neikal borixo rhu thala, thala rada var tir meak.
Said Radina: “Even if the trees rise up and fight with us, we can do nothing against Tir.”
-The Story of Tir, Radina Cycle

Rai dhei ahala, radina. Rai rada dhaxoa jarv dhara?
Ahala is yours, Radina. What will you do with it?
-The Story of the Throne, Radina Cycle

Kula heatel, dhahin dhara?
Radina heatel, dhara dhin vukn tea dhara whal.

Kula asked, “What is this?”
Radina answered, “This is treachery and this is utter defeat.”
-The Story of the Throne, Radina Cycle

Bin tára uzináh agomálun, mítlo sih tor tára isúah tes vin col.
If I go home nothing awaits me but the endless empty water.
-Lament of Ceredem

Lih atlésala miték tes darí haiz vidél tára sarantsó, parén darí akatlálun dínah tára nehír.
These circles are excellent things and I hope they learn much, but I fear they may become ends unto themselves.
-Saying attributed to Atlan

Bin turín ríenda agomál ivúku, kus lih jozinótl! Parén vatlánotl tes wi verín turínun jútlunotl.
If evil enfolds your home, then go away at once! But take care that you do not wander into greater evil.
-Attributed to Ceredem

Ri sáda bocénda ohazó? Tári sa bocénda sarác hazó?
What is this battle you have won? What battle can possibly be won?
-From the Teachings of Master Hana the Inquisitor

Tári rovíl jowí parátl itéto sa kalá?
What right have we not to forgive one another?
-Often attributed to Atlan, but more likely due to Itlav and recorded by his follower Eso


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