Midnight Torches (changes to be made in future edition)
Old: Gidon
New: Gidun
Reason: Original *Gidoun should become Gidun.

Old: Meloros
New: Mealoros
Reason: I’ve looked through my notes, but I can’t find any reason why meal ‘dark’ would be spelled mel in this compound.

Old: Rabhas
New: Rabhath
Reason: The Nemhir language, of course, lacks an /s/.

Old: Thurean
New: Thurin
Reason: Sound changes make Thurin, rather than Thurean, the result of *Turen.

Old: Len túrint jjáérae jaerv nílaen njoo tes táéni neghír njoo újim
New: Len túrint jjáérae jaerv nílaen njō tes táéni neghír njō újim
Reason: Minor orthographic change

Sword Maiden (change to be made in future edition)
Old: Wiráti li lólhsan njolh
New: Li wiráti lólhsan njolh
Reason: I made a mistake in the order of the words here. Normally I prefer to just incorporate such mistakes as part of the diversity of the language, but in this case I decided that there’s enough word order shuffling already as this language develops. Demonstratives precede nouns, and that’s that.

Dream of Love, Dream of Hate (changes to be made in future edition)
Old: Seohyltakyneos
New: Heohioltakioneos
Reason: Various orthographic and historical issues.