Cover Texts

The following are images, transcriptions, and translations of the texts that occur on the covers of Amazon editions.

Midnight Torches

Saransoa havoatir kjioaki darala than teahoazana. Sut jara.
May Heaven turn them away from death and the storm. Amen.

Born of a Cold Heart

Larzi lux arno revyn rasc, veasil vuli arno idris iriymty, ghur gheal arno sehel saram, zcaroa zcon arno meaviy myzcuyk.
The handsome Swan and the noble Heron, the clever Robin and the bold Eagle, the quick Sparrow and the wise Dove, the brave Falcon and the secretive Raven.
(Note that this occurs in the book itself, though a slightly different transcription is used.)

Dream of Love, Dream of Hate

Purintīluhgī argdulip li ivzisig lārip, bī ilirul milhūt t’āruz.
Acknowledge the conqueror of a hundred cities, and he will offer a restraining hand.

The Last Deluge

Li meaxeas rada roadhiran garala kus kaul.
The phoenix will carry the islands out of destruction.