The Bird and the Fool

Horoso’s Ring

A Glance at Death

Older Works

Tales from the Islands of the Sun
A sampling of folktales and parables current around 6100 in the Islands of the Sun.

Sacred Dance
Sacred Dance Pronunciation Guide
Begins in 6756.  When a young man is stolen from his home by giants, he finds himself at the center of a war between the gods.

Broken Branch
The fate of a hero, a prisoner, a branch broken and set afire.

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Midnight Torches
Midnight Torches pronunciation guide
Begins in 8572. How a merchant’s son, a bard, a shepherd, and a wicked priest sought to deliver the Islands of the Sun from the conspiracy of the Lords of Night.

Dream of Love, Dream of Hate
Dream of Love, Dream of Hate pronunciation guide
Begins in 7995. How travelers lost their way, ancient demons were brought back into the world, and the Silent Throne was filled.

Born of a Cold Heart
Born of a Cold Heart pronunciation guide
Begins in 7530. How a boy raised by the fair folk did his best for the Ikkysa empire.

Sword Maiden
Sword Maiden pronunciation guide
Begins in 6119. How a warrior and his sword fought the invaders of the Islands of the Sun.

The Last Deluge
The Last Deluge pronunciation guide
Begins in 8993. How the Islands of the Sun came to an end.

Myths, Memories, and Dreams
Myths, Memories, and Dreams pronunciation guide
Disciples of a Nameless God is simultaneous with Dream of Love, Dream of Hate. An alchemist seeks immortality.
Remembering the Otherworld begins in 9402. A man is cast ashore far from his home and lost in a world of elusive memories and shifting identities.
The Way of the Sun begins in 9350. A young student is drawn into the west, following the path of the sun.

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